NaTura Greenhouses

Our Company creates design, manufacture and install greenhouses for vegetables, fruits or flowers, in business or hobby versions.

We offer customized and tailored projects according to your requirements and needs, ideal solutions for growing crops harmoniously, own design natural greenhouse execution according to international standards, greenhouses adapted to weather conditions in your country, greenhouses with state of the art automation, technical solutions cost-effective for each beneficiary.

Our customers are companies having as objective the production and marketing of vegetables, fruit anf flowers, very careful for the technical features to increase productivity in greenhouse, and people who want to consume healthy fruits and vegetables produced by them, without any suspicion of excess pesticides or other chemicals, but using automation without great efforts to obtain organic products.

We design and assemble steel frame for greenhouses and steel structure for supporting photovoltaic panels on greenhouses.

The work conducted by RUFY ROOF ENGINEERING Ltd recommend us as a reliable partner of general contractors in the market and a provider of services and quality products to our customers.

Among our works of reference listed designing greenhouses, greenhouse construction, installation, renovation, relocation, and professional greenhouses covered with polycarbonate.

We pay attention to detail, working with passion for our business, we work respecting us, our work and the people we work with, whether our suppliers of materials, whether they are our customers.

Thank you for your trust!

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