Growing mushroom construction

Mushroom growing constructions:

Efficient and economical construction system for mushroom cultivation.

Production hall dimensions:

  • opening 7-14-21-28 m;
  • length 15-100 m;
  • useful height 2-3.5 m;
  • thermal insulation: thermal insulation panel 40-100 mm;
  • metallic galvanized structure;
  • thermally insulated doors;
  • galvanized racks;
  • cold storage 0-3 degrees;
  • Mushroom Pleurotus production capacity 80-100 kg / month / m2;
  • Champignon mushrooms production capacity 40-60 kg / month / m2.

Metallic structure

is made of OL 37 steel profiles (possibility OL 44 and OL52), profiles HEA, HEB, HEM, IPE, UNP, welded Sa2 ½, primed and painted RAL 9002. Fixings are made with screws 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 high tensile resistance. Contains parts embedded in foundations, frontal frames, current frames, bracing system, studs, roof pillars and thin wall slats (Z, C, Omega type). For openings up to 15 m it is used zinc metal structure made of cold rolled galvanized profiles.


consisting of 40-100 mm polyurethane thermal insulation panels with 5 cots. Zinc-plated fastening bolts are fitted with washer and gasket (washer vulcanized gasket). The roof also includes the following elements: pre-painted 25 μm polyester polyurethane foam in standard RAL colors: slats, valleys, brackets, parapets, gutters and steel tubes.



made of heat insulating panels with polyurethane 30-100 mm thick, wall profile. Panels are mounted vertically by hidden fasteners. Zinc-plated fastening bolts are fitted with washer and gasket (washer vulcanized gasket). The walls also include: pre-painted pre-painted paneling and pre-cast sheets Polyester 25 um that protects the reinforced concrete socket.


Location – Localisation:

These buildings can be located anywhere. Production is not greatly influenced by location.

Mushroom production for domestic and export:

To produce mushrooms in organic farming, Shiitake, Pleurotus HK 35, Pleurotus P70, Champignon, etc., you need minimally:

  1. construction;
  2. air conditioning;
  3. compost;
  4. shelves;
  5. cold deposit at 0-3 degrees.

Construction and storage of cold can be done in a very short time, turnkey, with inlcus project.
In addition to building the 3-storey shelves made of galvanized steel we have them available.
Additionally, we can recommend manufacturers for air conditioning and compost.

Automatic cost estimation of Mushroom building